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DocCheck AG is a publicly-held company that specializes in healthcare growth market. Marketing, customer relationship management and eCommerce are our specialties.

Our three brands make up our operational business: DocCheck and antwerpes.

The DocCheck portal brings the European healthcare market players together on the internet. With more than 1,000,000 users and 2,500 cooperating web sites, DocCheck is the largest platform in this market for exchanging information, online services and eCommerce.

As a creative service provider, antwerpes ag develops and implements communication strategies for new and traditional media with an emphasis on healthcare and business-to-business. Ranking 11th in new media service ranking in 2007, it is firmly positioned among Germany's leading agencies.

The DocCheck Guano AG promotes healthcare startups who believe in their vision and want to be a success at it. DocCheck Guano is a hatchery for precocial birds aiming to land in the market and provides the ideal fertiliser for startups: capital, know-how, market access and network. Oh, and our focus is on seed funding.

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