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Bye-bye Britain

For two years, John from England has been part of the DocCheck IT. He plans to stick with us despite Brexit, even if he has to hide in a colleague’s basement in order to do so. He explains us how the job application process from abroad went and how he copes with the work routine in a German company.

You can also watch John's video here.

Getting started: How did the application process work?
The process was really simple. First of all, I had a Skype interview and after that went well, I was invited for an interview in person. I was supported with the organization of my travel and then I just participated in a regular one-day work trial. The conclusion of the contract was very quick and everything was well organized.

Lost in translation? How do you do as a non-native speaker?
Now my German is pretty good, but from a certain point or during some discussions I do have to switch to English. My colleagues have been really helpful though, especially in the beginning when I only knew how to say a couple of phrases. I have another colleague from Chile, which means that our team is international and we switch from one language to the other. Of course there have been plenty of funny misunderstandings, but the communication runs very smoothly and everyone helps each other out.

How does DocCheck support you?
With language classes, for example. I visit a language school which is literally on the opposite of the company. That really helped me to improve a lot. DocCheck also assured me their support with any issue that might come up related to Brexit.

Any advice for other applicants from abroad?
Understand that everything is a bit more formal. I was not accustomed to this very fixed structure of a CV and extensive cover letters. Of course German skills are an advantage, but for instance in IT not a must. Most important: Don’t allow yourself to feel discouraged and stay optimistic. I have sent plenty of applications and even though I hardly spoke the language, I was invited to interviews and I have been given a chance, which was very satisfying.

Last, but not least: Your favourite German word?
I don’t really have one. But probably all the swear words.

Das deutsche Interview findet sich hier.

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